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FlisKits is proud to partner with the IGNITE Foundation, Inc in presenting a most unique fundraising program for non-profit organizations
around the country.  Together with IBOTZ, Perspective Books LLC, Space Update, and Universe Productions, we are providing non-profit organizations with an exciting new way to raise needed funds for those special projects that you have been planning for so long.

Please visit the IGNITE Foundation Fundraising page for full details concerning this fundraising program, to review the rules and instructions and to obtain the fundraising catalog and order forms.

If you are already participating in the program and are ready to place your order for the FlisKits model rocket products found in the catalog, please see the links below for all of the information you will need.  Thank you for participating and be sure to mention this exciting program to your friends and associates!

See the bottom of this page for details of the model rocket kits that are available through this program.


If you are a participant in this fundraiser program, you should have already completed the following steps:

  1. Obtained and printed out copies of the Catalog and the Primary Order Forms for your group to take orders with.
  2. Your group should have obtained orders, with payment, and returned all of the filled out Primary Order Forms to the organizations leader/teacher
  3. The organizations leader/teacher should have consolidated all of the orders onto the Consolidation Order Form

If the above steps have been completed, you are now ready to place the FlisKits, Inc. portion of your fundraiser order, using the steps below:

  1. Download and print your Fundraiser FlisKits Order Form here.
  2. Fill out this order form, indicating the number of each kit needed to satisfy your collected order.
    • Be sure to fill out all fields.  If any one kit has a quantity of ZERO, please enter "0" in the quantity space for this kit.
    • Fill out the contact information completely.  Please include your email if available.  NOTE: Your email will ONLY be used to provide you with a status of your order.
    • Fill out the Ship To information if different from the contact information.
    • NOTE: Be sure to provide your non-profit (501c3) tax ID on this form.  Orders submitted without this information can not be processed.
    • Feel free to add any notes or instructions in the space provided.
    • Send this order, with FULL payment to (make all checks payable to FlisKits, Inc.):

      FlisKits, Inc.
      6 Jennifer Drive
      Merrimack, NH 03054

  3. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Once we receive your order we will provide you with an order status via email and begin to process your order.  When you deliver the product to your customers, please inform them that if they have any questions or problems with their purchase to contact FlisKits directly

Below are simple descriptions of the kits available through this fund raiser program.
For a more detailed decription, you can click on the image of the model.
Additionally, you can read a review of the product by clicking on the EMRR button in each description.

Rhino Model #: SP006

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
Click for EMRR review


Length: 24.5"
Diameter: 1.637"

Perfect first model!
Impressive Sport design!
Slow, realistic lift-offs!
Featuring Laser Cut Fins!

Parachute Recovery   Skill Level 1 - Beginner Sport Model
Recommended Engines:  B4-2 motor B6-2 (first flights)  C6-5

Rhino Retail Price: $ 12.95
Fund Raiser Price: $ 9.07
You earn $ 3.88 for every kit sold!

Pheord X150
Model #: MS001

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
Click for EMRR review

Length: 23.8"
Diameter: 0.976"
Streamer Recovery Tumble recovery booster Skill Level 2 - Intermediate Multi-Stage Model

Long, sleek design!
Great first 2-staged rocket!
Incredible altitudes!
Streamer recovery!

Recommended Engines:
1st Stage: 2nd Stage:
B6-0 C6-0 a6-4.gif (1369 bytes) a8-5.gif (517 bytes) b6-6.gif (527 bytes) c6-7.gif (498 bytes)

Cheetah! Retail Price: $ 14.95
Fund Raiser Price: $ 10.47
You earn $ 4.48 for every kit sold!

Pheord X150
A.C.M.E. Spitfire
Model #: SP007

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
Click for EMRR review

Length: 18.1"
Diameter: 2.217"

They said it couldn't fly...
    ...and they were wrong.

Astound your friends and fellow rocketeers with the
Most Unusual Model Rocket Kit Ever Produced!
Featuring Laser Cut Centering Rings... ...and a BUNCH of 'em too!

Parachute Recovery  Skill Level 3 - Advanced Sport Model   Recommended Engines: C11-3 D12-3

A.C.M.E. Spitfire Retail Price: $ 15.95
Fund Raiser Price: $ 11.17
You earn $ 4.78 for every kit sold!

Praetor Model #: SP001

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews
Click for EMRR review

Length: 23.9"
Diameter: 1.637"

Impressive Sport design!
Slow, realistic lift-offs!
Large fins for incredibly stable flights!
Anniversary kit of the Pearl River Model Rocketry Convention!

Parachute Recovery Payload section included! Skill Level 2 - Intermediate Sport Model
Recommended Engines: A8-3 B6-4 (first flights)  C6-5 D10-5


Praetor Retail Price: $ 16.95
Fund Raiser Price: $ 11.87
You earn $ 5.08 for every kit sold!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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