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Why FlisKits?

There are many choices for model rocketry programs and products for schools and youth groups.  So, why choose FlisKits?

In a word, QUALITY.  Not just quality designs, kits and materials, but a quality experience as well.

Other rocket companies offer a very limited number of kits to choose from, with limited opportunity for growth and advancement.  FlisKits offers a full line of bulk pack choices from Skill Level 1 through Skill Level 4 along with the option to customize your own kit.  Such opportunity not available anywhere else in the industry!

Most of the bulk pack kits available from other companies are "quick build" kits ("Ready to fly" and "Almost Ready to fly") that include pre-molded plastic fin units and other pre-colored and decorated items.  This allows for fast completion and ultra simple assembly, but stifles the imagination and creativity of your child.  Additionally, there isn't much to teach and hence, little to learn from these activities.

FlisKits model rocket kits are often described as "a bag of raw materials with instructions".  We consider this a feature of our products.  Our kits require the use of several tools, skills, ingenuity, and imagination.  With our kits you learn something!  Skills that you can carry on to more sophisticated kits and on to other, unrelated activities.  With our kits you will learn about applying glue, using a ruler and pencil, following instructions, cutting with scissors and, in some cases, a hobby knife, namely self-discipline.

FlisKits model rocket kits feature the highest quality materials in the industry, right down to the use of real balsawood nose cones and fins.   All of our products are designed and packaged in the USA from materials fabricated and purchased from American companies.  For ease of assembly some of our kits feature precision laser cut fins, but most of our kits come with sheet balsawood stock from which the modeler cuts their own fins with the aid of a paper fin pattern.  This teaches critical skills with critical tools.  It also allows the modeler to consider creative changes to the shape of the fins and, from that, the final look of his model.

The short photo album below shows how our nurturing of creativity and imagination leads to incredible experiences with our products. (click on an image to see the full size version)

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Small group of scouts ready with their Rhino kits!
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Pollard Elementary students show off their Flea creations.
P1010100.JPG (45694 bytes)
Young student proud of her custom creation using FlisKits parts.
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Bitten by the Flea, imagination rules the day!
P2010011.JPG (50151 bytes)
Boy Scouts show off their workmanship.
P3110027.JPG (27094 bytes)
An array of rockets showing the wide variety of kit styles at FlisKits.

Please send all inquires, on school or youth group letterhead to:

FlisKits, Inc.
Education Dept
6 Jennifer Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054

or send us an email at:



rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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