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Welcome to our educators page!


FlisKits works hard to cater to the needs and desires of the model rocketry community.  We recognize that a very important part of this community has yet to be discovered in "Rocketeers yet to be".

This section of our site will provide you, the educational leader and/or student, with everything you need to bring rocketry to your classroom or youth group at minimal cost and maximum success and fun!

First and foremost, model rocketry has an unprecedented safety record!  This is good news for you and for your school/youth group too.  With the implementation of the NAR safety code, the use of Safety Certified model rocket motors and models constructed of paper, balsawood and plastic, model rocketry has earned a safety record that is the envy of all outdoor activities.  Safer than baseball, model rocketry is the perfect addition to your classroom or youth group.   The NAR web site offers a wealth of information about model rocket safety and they and the folks at FlisKits can help you understand and explain the safe aspects of this activity to your leaders and school administration.

Education is what it is all about!  You will quickly discover that, with respect to model rocketry, the educational benefits do not end with the science class.

History comes alive using model rocketry as a back drop for our country's rich history in rocketry, from the "rockets red glare" of our national anthem to our current exploration of space and the outer planets!

Mathematics takes on a whole new light when using model rocketry to

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show how all of those complex studies can be put to practical use in calculating a models stability, flight trajectory or altitude!
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goddard_board.jpg (9422 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Liberal Arts are satisfied with the imagination applied to model rocketry, be it the craftsmanship needed to build and finish a model, or the journalistic approach in writing about such activities.  Advertising an upcoming launch or reporting on a past one, the possibilities are endless!

Electricity, electronics, mechanics, wood and metal shop, not to mention physical education (when you happen to launch a model rocket in a stiff breeze and have to chase it across your county, you'll understand the "physical education" aspect of this hobby...)

This site will soon host a whole series of lesson plans and projects for you to consider for your classroom.

  • Teachers: Contact FlisKits, Inc. to see how we can help you bring your lessons alive!
  • Students: If you would like an infusion of model rocketry in your classroom, have your teacher contact us for information on how we can help!

FlisKits, Inc., makes an effort to promote model rocketry in education in several ways:

  • Lesson plans and syllabi for teachers to use in the classroom for all of the subjects mentioned above, and more!
  • Skill Level 1 (Beginner) through  Skill Level 4 (Advanced) bulk packs of model rocket kits, available in the quantities you need, at special educational prices!
  • Schools and youth groups local (50 mile radius) to the Merrimack, NH area can take advantage (on a limited basis) of on site lessons given by FlisKits, Inc. employees, including model rocket building sessions and demo launches!

We help make education FUN!  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to help your class or group learn new things in new ways with the help of FlisKits, Inc. and model rocketry.

Please send all inquires, on school or youth group letterhead to:

FlisKits, Inc.
Education Dept
6 Jennifer Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054

or send us an email at:


We can take your request and provide a quote in 2 business days!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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