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Hints and Tips - Rhino

overdrive.jpg (4840 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) The Rhino is the largest of our Skill Level 1 kits as well as our most expensive.  Standing over 2 feet tall, it is a very exciting rocket to be able to bring to your class.  Easy to assemble and fun to fly.

You can find a detailed description of the Rhino kit here.

This list provides you with some information that can help in the assembly and launch of the Rhino:

  • The Rhino features precision laser cut fins but also provides you with two different fin patterns that you can trace onto the laser cut fins and cut out different shaped fins, giving your Rhino a custom look.
  • When cutting fins it is important to make sure that the grain of the wood is parallel to the Leading Edge of the fin.   This is identified in the instructions and on the fin pattern, but warrants pointing out again.
  • When cutting, use a straight edge to assure a clean straight line.  Use MANY passes of the knife.  Do NOT try to cut all the way through in one pass.  When cutting WITH the grain, the wood will cut quickly and cleanly.  When cutting the other fin edges, it will take more passes of the knife and result in a slightly more ragged cut.  This can be corrected with sand paper.
  • To further customize your Rhino, you can choose to use 3 or 4 fins.
  • Additionally, with regard to customization, it is allowable for you to use a different shaped fin for each fin.  A very versatile rocket!
  • The Rhino makes use of TWO launch lugs.  It is important that these two lugs line up with each other.  If there is concern, we have two tricks that can be used to help assure they are properly aligned.
    1. As with sighting the fins to make sure they are straight, you should be able to look through ONE launch lug and see straight through the second on.  If you can not, then adjust one or both until you can.
    2. Using a long thin paint brush or a short length of 1/8" wood dowel, pass this through BOTH launch lugs and leave in place until the glue on the lugs is dry.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  Our goal is to help you be successful and to have fun with your group!  You can send inquires to:

FlisKits, Inc.
Education Dept
6 Jennifer Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054

or send us an email at:



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