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Looking for a particular type of model rocket kit?   You've come to the right page!  All of our model rocket kits are categorized by type (defined below) to make it easy for you to find that special model, whether it is a multi-stage beauty or that casual sport model.  Each category contains models of different skill levels.  Choose the model that best fits your needs and skills.   You may also notice some models appear in more than one category.  This is normal.  If, for example, you were looking for a 2 staged futuristic model (none currently in production), you would find it under "Multi-Stage" as well as "Futuristic", making it ever so easy to find that perfect model!

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Use the links in the sub-menu on the left to see the different kit offerings of each different type.  The chart below details FlisKits definition of each kit type
Sport Models Sport Models
Sport model rocket kits are typically "models without a theme".  These kits display the greatest variation in shape, size and complexity with kits available in skill levels 1-4.  Great for the beginner and experienced modeler alike.  The wide selection available is sure to present something for your tastes!
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Futuristic Models Futuristic Models
Futuristic models are those models that have a science fiction appeal to them.  They have ultra-modern shapes and spacecraft details that give these models an "other-world" appearance.  Certain futuristic models will span several of these categories as some may contain clusters, stages, gliders, etc.  These models are available in all skill levels.
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Multi-Staged Models Multi-Staged Models
Multi-Staged models are those models designed such that they contain 2 or more working stages, with lower stages dropping off during flight, for separate recovery.  Models in this category may also appear in other categories.  Skill levels range from 2-5.
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Cluster Models) Cluster Models)
Cluster models are those models that make use of 2 or more motors all ignited at the same moment, providing additional lift off power to your model.  These models vary widely in size and shape and may also appear in other categories.  These model are available in skill levels 2-5.
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Scale Models Scale Models
Scale models are those models that are model duplicates of actual rockets and spacecraft.   Different skill levels are available (2-5) depending on the complexity of the model and the amount of detail provided in the kit.  This section includes Sport Scale (lowest level of detail, lower skill levels), Scale (highest level of detail, higher skill levels) and Peanut Scale (devoted to very small scale models of several levels of detail - see product description)  Scale models may also appear in other categories.
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Competition Models Competition Models
Competition models are those models specifically designed for use in NAR sanctioned competition.  While any model, carefully constructed, can be entered into competition, these kits contain special competition materials and design elements that make them most suited for competing and winning.
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Glider Models Glider Models
Glider models are those models designed such that all or part of the model is recovered by gliding back to earth after launch.  This category consists of:
  • Rocket Gliders (the entire model returns via glide recover)
  • Boost Gliders (A two part model where a small pop-pod (containing the motor and small recovery device) detaches from the glider portion of the model and returns via streamer or parachute while the glider glides back to earth)
  • Parasite Gliders (a model similar to a Boost Glider, but with a "mother ship" instead of a pop-pod and a glider that is much smaller than the mother ship.  The mother ship typically returns via parachute.  These models sometimes carry more than one glider.)
  • Flex Wing Gliders (gliders designed to function similar to a para-glider.  Small and lightweight, these models fold up and slide inside the body tube of the main rocket and is ejected at apogee.  The main rocket returns via its own recovery device).
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Helicopter Models Helicopter Models
Helicopter models are those models designed such that all or part of the model is recovered by deploying or activating some type of blade or fin surface causing it to auto-gyrate (spin), reducing its speed during decent.  This category consists of Sport Helicopter (general fun models that may or may not be suitable for competition) and Helicopter (kits that satisfy all of the needs of NAR sanctioned competition for helicopter recovery).
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Other Models - not covered in the other categories Other Models - not covered in the other categories
Other models are, well, "other"...  Any model that does not fit cleanly into any of the above categories.
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