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The FlisKits Night Whisper kit is the stuff of dreams!  One of our more popular kits, the Night Whisper is now available in micro size with the introduction of the Charon Micro to the MAXX kit!

Featuring ducted ejection, an exciting array of fins and antennae, and a set of very detailed water slide decals, the Charon is a thing of beauty!  A challenging build, even in micro sized (maybe BECAUSE of its micro size), the Charon turns in one beautiful flight after another and returns on a brightly colored streamer ready for more and more flights.

A magnificent addition to any fleet, the Charon is a MUST HAVE!  

See the short photo gallery below and keep watch for more pictures to come!

  Photo of the decal sheet and laser cut parts for the Charon.  The main fins are 1/32" basswood while the secondary fins are 1/64" aircraft grade plywood.
  One of the figures from the assembly instructions of the Charon
  A couple of photo's of one of the two original prototypes of the Charon.
  Another view.  This is the proto that became the kit.  It is based on the BT-2.5 tube.  Another proto, based on the BT-3 tube was built, and flown, but was found to be too heavy for the small micromaxx motors
  The smaller proto on the pad at a local CMASS launch.
  This image is of the larger, BT-3 version.  It was decorated in body wraps and other printed details to verify the look.  For the final kit we went with a light background (body color) and black windows, for a different look.

The BT-3 proto caught under boost at a local CMASS launch.

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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