Buck Shot

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MX020 - Buck Shot - $7.95

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Introduce  yourself to the world of micro model rockets with the Buck Shot!  Easy to build and fun to fly, the Buck Shot features laser cut fiber fins, a stylish tail ring and streamer recover.  Also, with the BT-5 main body tube, this model is quick and easy to prep for flight!  Being on the heavy side (for a micro model), and the added drag of the tail ring leads

to low flights of about 100 feet making the Buck Shot perfect for small fields and demonstration flights!

As soon as I am able I will be posting several photos of the build and flights of the Buck Shot.  Folks attending any of our launches (NARAM, CMASS, etc) can see this and all of our fine model rocket kits in person, so be sure to stop in!
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dsc00414.jpg (46808 bytes) Original proto type showing the basic construction with the laser cut fins. 
dsc05739.jpg (36690 bytes) In flight!  Though quick off the pad, the large size of this model (for a micro) makes it easy to keep track of it throughout its flight and recovery! 
dsc05740.jpg (42775 bytes) Another launch photo.  A great little flier! 


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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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