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UFFO Skill Level 2 - Intermediate Sport model Sport model


Model Number: SP014

Length: 8.32"
Diameter: 14.14"
Fin Span: 14.14"
Weight: 1.9 oz.
Featherweight Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
B6-0 motor (First Flight) C6-0 motor  
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Retail: $14.95

The MUST HAVE rocket of 2005!

Jim Flis built this rocket just for fun.  He wanted a fun and silly rocket to fly just for himself.

Well.  This rocket surprised even himself with how well it flew and everybody stopped to take note as it soared smoothly into the sky then slowly rolled over and gently floated back down!

Feedback from the spectators and later in email made it evident that we needed to put the UFFO into kit form.  And so, we did!

FlisKits brings you the Unidentified Flying Foam Object!   The most unique flying saucer model rocket kit

EVER PRODUCED!   The UFFO flies on B6-0 and C6-0 motors to bring you very majestic lift offs and incredibly gentle landings. 

Perfect for small fields and capable of WOWing them at large launches, the UFFO is the answer to every rocketeers silly dreams of "what can I fly next?"

The UFFO can be assembled in under an hour with the use of a hot glue gun and a hot cup of coffee (hot chocolate for the children!).  Made almost entirely of foam, the UFFO is ultra light weight and a snap to prep!  Install your igniter, install the motor (friction fit) and you're DONE!

The UFFO tickled EVERYONE at NARAM 47 in August of 2005 and is sure to tickle YOUR fancy as well.  If you have never tried foam cup rocketry, THIS is the kit to buy.  See below for some fun images of the UFFO in action!
uffo_cosrocs.jpg (62539 bytes) An outstanding photo of the UFFO lifting off during a COSROCS launch in January.  Photo by Brandango.us (Jeff Lane).  Thank you, Jeff, for sending this picture!
uffo_on_pad.jpg (115272 bytes) transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Here is a picture of the Unidentified Flying Foam Object on the launch pad at a recent CMASS launch in Amesbury, MA.
uffo_launch.jpg (69992 bytes) Liftoff!  The UFFO takes to the air like foam to a rocket, err, I mean like a fish to water!  Turning in outstanding flights, the UFFO will certainly add that certain touch of silliness to your fleet!
uffo_launch02.jpg (50532 bytes) Another launch photo showing the straight boost of the UFFO.  To the right of the UFFO is the Decaffeinator ready for launch.   Note the foam glider attached to the side of the Decaffeinator making for a very unusual foam boost glider combination!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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