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Model Rocket!
Skill Level 2 Sport Model Sport model
Model Number: SP002
Tumbleweed model rocket
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Laser Cut Fins

Every once in a while FlisKits has received a request to incoorporate laser cut fins for this very small model rocket kit.  Well, we have finally agreed with our customers and now offer this kit with very high quality 1/32" laser cut basswood fins.  The photo's below (click on image for a full size) give a good idea of the quality of these fins and the ease of construction of this once complex model.
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Laser cut fin sheet
Note: One fin tip is missing from this sample
closeup.jpg (40286 bytes)
Closeup of an assembled fin and tip with the tail ring.
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Overall view of an assembled, but un-painted Tumbleweed kit.
Length: 3.6" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.541"
Fin Span: 1.84"
Weight: 0.2 oz.
Tumble Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
1/4A3-3T 1/2 A3-2T motor (First Flight)  A3-4T motor  
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Retail: $ 9.95

(See below left for more details)

Tumble recovery model rocket kit, reminiscent of rockets of old.  Patterned as a reduced semi-scale version of a model rocket from the 60's, the Tumbleweed brings back the excitement, fun and education of a tumble recovery model

The Tumbleweed flies straight and true, for one half of its flight.  At peak altitude, the motors ejection charge (normally reserved for pushing out the nose cone and a recovery device) is instead used to kick the motor back, into such a position that it makes the model unstable.   In this unstable state, the model tumbles harmlessly to the ground, ready for another flight!

A supplied engine hook holds the motor in place and prevents it from being kicked all the way out of the model.  A large ring, at the base of the model, provides additional stability and strength. 

Accustom to rough landings, this model still needs to be built rugged to withstand repeated launchings and landing, especially if your launch field is hardpack.

Below is a photograph of the Tumbleweed on the pad at the 2001 Grand Rocket Day, ready for launch!

face.gif (2810 bytes) the FlisKits Tumble Weed is a very cool little kit! Don't let the small package fool you as there are some building challenges in store, but the results reminded
me once again of the old Nostalgic rockets from days of old, when quality and classic design prevailed over mass production. The Tumble Weed is no exception and I recommend it to those who are looking for great looks and flight characteristics … Good things really do come in small packages and this is no exception for the FlisKits "Tumble Weed!" - Carl T.
Tumbleweed ready to launch at the Grand Rocket Day, 2001


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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