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  Sport Scale model
Skill Level 3 - Advanced
Sport Scale model
Model Number: SC001
Thunderbird model rocket

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Length: 27.48" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.637
Fin Span: 7.62"
Weight: 1.9 oz.
Parachute Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 B6-4 motor C6-5 motor   

Retail: $ 24.95

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BAF-60 : $5.45

Billed as one of the most successful anti-aircraft missiles of its day, the Thunderbird is a marvel of engineering weaponry.

This 1:14 (approx) Sport Scale version of the famous Thunderbird provides its own unique challenges while producing a wonderful sport model that can be converted into an accurate scale replica with proper research and modeling.

It is important to note what to expect when purchasing this Sport Scale Thunderbird model rocket kit:

  • The model is truly a "Sport Scale", meaning that it is not an exact scale replica of the original missile.
  • If you wished to use this kit as a base to build a true scale replica of the Thunderbird missile you would need to perform research for accurate scale data.  
  • One outstanding resource provided by a customer can be FOUND HERE.
  • The fins are made from sheet balsa stock cut from patterns provided.  Instructions for accurate sanding/shaping are provided.  No laser cut fins are provided.
  • The 4 asymmetrical outboard booster nose cones are formed from paper patterns with detailed instructions on how to proper form and finish to provide a very accurate and attractive appearance.
  • This is a true builders kit and not intended for modelers who are shy about cutting and shaping balsa fins as there are 12 fins and 4 fin tips to contend with.

On the other hand, neither is this a model to be afraid of!  While offering challenges, it also offers learning experience that can be carried on to other builds and projects.  Taking your time and following the provided, highly detailed instructions will result in a magnificent model that will be the pride of your fleet.  Flown as a sport model, this Thunderbird turns in outstanding flights and is one of those wonderful kits that simply as looks amazing in the air as it does on display!

Offering single motor reliability and parachute recovery, the Thunderbird will provide hours of fun building and even more fun flying!  Our first scale offering is an exciting addition to our growing fleet of kits, but certainly not the last.  Keep watch for other scale and sport scale offerings in the near future.

Deployed in 1959 and retired in 1976, the Thunderbird was the first British designed and produced missile to go into operation with the British Army.  Originally designed to use a liquid fueled main motor, the Thunderbird was deployed with solid rocket motors throughout as the Army did not want liquid fuels used in the field.

Also referred to as the “Bloodhound System”, this sport scale reproduction most closely resembles the Thunderbird 2, with speeds up to Mach 2, and within the altitude band of 5,000 – 65,000 feet.

Thunderbird was the most versatile anti-aircraft guided weapons system in the world in its day. It was lethally effective against supersonic air attacks.  A major feature of the Thunderbird was its flexibility and its capability for rapid deployment.  Thunderbird is fully mobile, designed to withstand rigorous cross-country travel, while also light enough to make it suitable for transport by air.  The Thunderbird 2 replaced the Thunderbird 1, providing greater accuracy and range.

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