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Praetor Model Rocket! Skill Level 2 Sport model Sport model
Model Number: SP001
Praetor model rocket

Click here for exciting information about the Praetor-II booster accessory!

Length: 23.9" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.637"
Fin Span: 13.6"
Weight: 2.3 oz.
Parachute Recovery Payload compartment
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Recommended Engines:
 A8-3 motor (First Flight) B6-4 motor C6-5 motor D10-5

Retail: $ 21.95

Booster Accessory
now available!
See below!

The Praetor's large fins provide for extra stability while its large size promises slow, majestic lift offs time after time!

The Praetor also has a very important and unique history.  The Praetor was the anniversary kit, designed by Jim Flis and presented to attendees of the 1990 Pearl River Model Rocketry Convention in Pearl River, NY, founded and hosted by teacher Dick Nelson.

The Praetor also has a small payload section 

suitable for a variety of payloads.  A colorful 16" parachute returns your model gently, flight after flight.  A fine addition to any model rocket fleet, the Praetor will provide many hours of enjoyment, both building and launching!
face.gif (2810 bytes) I think this is one of those rockets that you have to see in person to fully appreciate. It's not expensive at all, it is definately fun to build as it's not just a few fins and a nose cone. This rocket is quite unique and it looks really cool!  No doubt about it, this one is a 5/5!

Corona-2 Booster

A classic design like the Praetor is hard to beat and even harder to improve.  But we did it!  Taking our queue from the success of the Corona-2 booster accessory, we have designed a very attractive booster for the Praetor allowing you to send this exciting model even higher into the air!

Click here for details!

Click on the thumbnails below for full size images
Praetor leaps off the pad at the Grand Rocket Day,2001

The original Pearl River Praetor takes to the air!

praetor_bmhiii.jpg (24312 bytes)

Customer photo, bmhiii (TRF) took this picture of his finished Praetor 

praetor_jason_toft.jpg (41494 bytes)

Jason Toft's Praetor 

praetor_jason_toft02.jpg (57933 bytes)

Jason poses with his Praetor before a launch 

praetor_johnnwwa.jpg (40326 bytes)

Johnnwwa's (TRF) Praetor takes to the air! 


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