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Pheord X150 Pickup Saucer
Model Rocket!
Skill Level 2 Sport Model Sport model
Model Number: SP003
Pheord X150 model rocket


Length: 3.2" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.736"
Fin Span: 6.79"
Weight: 0.1.4 oz.
Featherweight Recovery Peel-n-Stick decals for fin patterns!
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Recommended Engines:
 B6-0 motor (First Flight) C6-0 motor  
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Retail: $ 12.95

Big Earl - Redneck poster boy
Earl says
"Watch this!"

"Hey Earl!, Watch this!"

The launch cry of someone who owns a Pheord X150...

The most versatile Pick-up saucer in the outer rim, complete with a 6-cylinder ion engine, 3-speed christmas tree, AM/8-track on the deck, imitation leather seats and standard rough terrain landing gear!

The Pheord X150 even comes with an authentic red rag anti-matter cap!

Think about it, where would this universe be without rednecks to add color to our language and food?  Ok, let's pass on the food, but still...   Red-necks make life interesting and the Pheord X150 will make your next launch interesting as well!

So, grab yer phaser rifle, get yer trusty huntin' quadruped, a six-pack of fire water and fire that pickup saucer up and enjoy the hills and backwater planets in this most colorful universe of ours!

Great for small fields, with a max altitude of about 75 feet, employing Featherweight recovery for near field landings every time!

face.gif (2810 bytes) I flew your Pheord X-150 at the
Bunnell Blast during the Snitch Fest and I almost forgot to let you know how it did. Let's just say; IT'S BUILT PHEORD TOUGH! Patrick
face.gif (2810 bytes) This is, typically for Fliskits, a VERY good kit overall. At only just over 11 including shipping from the USA, this kit
is exceptional value for money.

The kit looks very durable; having suffered no damage, or noticeable wear, after three flights. I hope to have many more C powered flights with this bird. The documentation (instructions and face card etc) is littered with tongue-in-cheek jokes about red-necks. Some of the more subtle jokes are probably lost on a Brit, like me, but I did find some of the jokes most amusing. I especially liked the 'things NOT recommended for building OR flying...' section.  The emphasis, with this bird, is on fun, fun, fun; and it provides! Its challenging, but uncomplicated, to build for an experienced beginner like myself. Easy to prep, and great fun to fly. - Dan W.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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