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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Nantucket Sound
Free Skins Downloads!
Nantucket Sound model rocket
Use this page to locate custom skins for your Nantucket Sound.  

At this time, only two skins are provided, a blank set that you can pull into your favorite graphic program to modify yourself and a set of skins to allow you to dress up your Nantucket Sound to look like the package cover art.

In the very near future we hope to have several other skin offerings, so check back often!

NOTE: For all skins please note the following:

  • All skins are offered in either a single sheet (11" X 17") as well as two 81/2" X 11" half shrouds.  If you are using the half shrouds your final body will have two seams.
  • These are best if printed on 110# cardstock.  Lighter weight stocks will result in a weaker body more prone to damage
  • When printing the pdf files, be sure to disable the "Scale to Fit" feature of your printer in order to get the proper size shroud.

Blank Skins:

These blank skins allow you to use your own imagination and any graphic tools available to you to create the light house of your choosing!


Traditional Skins:

These skins allow you to finish your Nantucket Sound so that it matches the cover art on the kit packaging.


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