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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Nantucket Sound
Model Rocket!
  Sport model
Skill Level 5 - Master
Sport model
Model Number: SP021
Nantucket Sound model rocket

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Length: 12.67" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 5.02
Fin Span: 7.85"
Weight: 4.12 oz.
Parachute Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 1/2A3-4T motor A3-4T motor A10-3T motor  

Retail: $ 25.95

FlisKits offered to design a commemorative kit for the upcoming NARCON 2009 event being held in the North East.  The question was, what sort of design would fit the event nicely.

We were also going to be providing range box stickers to registered attendees and we requested the logo artwork to prepare the sticker art.  Once we saw the logo, the kit design was set in stone!

A flying lighthouse!  What could be better?  It matched the lighthouse rocket shown in the NARCON logo and it was and iconic shape for the New England area.  Perfect!

The trick was getting it designed such that it would fly well while at the same time making it something that could be kitted well and built correctly with reasonable skills.

The Nantucket Sound meets all of those requirements and more!  Featuring 24mm power and free downloads, this kit will be one of the most unusual, yet best flying kits in your fleet!

It was not a complex rocket to design, but it certainly had several interesting concerns when trying to turn it into a kit for the masses.  First was the needed addition of nose weight to attain proper stability.  We then had to design a set of internal fins and a method of attaching them so that you would be certain to have them lined up properly for the attachment of the external fins.  These internal fins provide critical support to the external fins while also helping to hold the shape of the body during assembly.

The nose cone also presented some interesting design problems as well.  We believe that the end result looks good and is fairly easy to build.  Using a paper cone for the tip kept the price reasonable while also providing a ready-made location for the nose weight.

All in all, we are quite proud of her.  Having spent many a summer visiting lighthouses around New England, the Nantucket Sound has a very warming look while producing stunning flights even in small fields.  We think you will agree that, as odd-rocs go, the Nantucket Sound is a must for ANY fleet!

dsc_2407.jpg (116955 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Jim Flis poses with proto-type #2 of the Nantucket Sound at an early March CATO launch.  The main purpose of this launch was to verify flight worthiness of the Nantucket Sound with the E9 motors.  The tests verified that she is plenty stable with the heavier E9.  The only concern (identified on the kit packaging) is that the shortest delay (4 seconds) is a bit long for this heavy model and it tends to be nose down when the parachute deploys.

Proto-type #1 was a proof-of-concept model and was not intended to fly.

Photo by W. Ross Tracey

dsc02291.jpg (71228 bytes) Here sits the Nantucket Sound ready for her 2nd flight of the day, and the first on E9 motors.
dsc_2424.jpg (96477 bytes) And we have LIFT OFF!  A beautiful boost though a bit late on the deployment with an E9-4 motor.  She was rock stable and boosted very quickly.  It was a wonderful flight and landed not far from the pads.


Photo by W. Ross Tracey 

Add a touch of fancy to your fleet with your very own flying lighthouse!

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