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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Model Rocket!
  Futuristic model
Skill Level 3 - Advanced
Futuristic model
Model Number: FR012
Mystic model rocket

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Mystic Errata Sheet

Length: 20.1" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.736"
Fin Span: 12.74"
Weight: 1.6 oz.
Streamer Recovery Waterslide Decals
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Recommended Engines:
 A8-3 B6-4 C6-5  

Retail: $ 19.95

Augment your model with a Baffle Kit!
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BAF-20 : $4.35

The Tarnk-naks are coming!

See below LEFT

From the mysterious race from deep within the Horse Head nebula comes their newest ship, the troop carrier Mystic!

Responsible for ships such as the Shrox Alien8 and the Decim8, this xenophobic race of aliens have held their hostilities at bay, for the most part.  The tension between the United Solar Planetary Federation and the Tarnk-naks came to a head when they decimated the Deven-3 outpost.

Their saving grace was that they safely removed all of the personnel on that base before the destruction began.  After months of negotiations and hyper-tac diplomacy, our people were returned to the USPF aboard this newest ship..

From the back cover of the Mystic kit card:

After much planning and many months of anxious waiting, their troop transport, the Mystic (closest we are able to come to pronouncing the name of their ship), crossed over into USPF space, under full escort, and brought our brothers and sisters home again.

Not wanting this ship venturing too deeply into USPF space, the ship was escorted to FlisStation at the outer rim where the 
passengers were released and put under the care of the medical staff there. Once cleared, they were transported home (Sol system) via the high speed Borealis heavy hauler where they have been busy being debriefed after months as guests of the Tarnk-naks. 

This scale representation of the Mystic is offered to mark this historic meeting between the USPF and the Tarnk-nak race.  Fly it with pride!! 

The Mystic continues FlisKits tradition of bringing fun and exciting kits to your fleet.  Kits that not only have exciting looks and flights, but fun and exciting stories making them more than just model rockets that fill your fleet.  Rather, they have a story to tell and a mission to accomplish!

This model is small in size but big on performance.  The over size fins, unique fin arrangement as well as the wide body and intake detail (laser cut!) will set this model apart from the rest of your fleet.  Water slide decals allow you to add the detail necessary to give this model a wonderful appearance and connects it clearly to her sister ships, the Alien8 and Decim8.  

Sail into galactic history with the Mystic!
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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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