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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Mercury Redstone
Model Rocket!
  Scale model
Skill Level 2.5 - Intermediate Plus
Scale model
Model Number: SC007
Mercury Redstone model rocket
Length: 7.2" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.541"
Fin Span: 1.18"
Weight: 1.01 oz.
Streamer Recovery  Water slide decals
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Recommended Engines:
 1/2A3-2T motor A3-4T motor   

Retail: $ 16.45

The Mercury Redstone began what became known as the "race for the moon", even though it began more as a "catch up" program in an effort to keep pace with the rapidly advancing Russian space program of the day.

Limited to sub-orbital flights, the Mercury Redstone brought outer space to the homes of all Americans by sending one of them into space and back.  Our first, true-blue American hero in many, many years, Alan Shepard of Derry, New Hampshire will forever be known as one of the "Original Seven" American astronauts, each an American hero in his own right.

Small in size, this 70 inch diameter missile (Redstone) with the tiny Mercury capsule sitting on top, had a very big mission.  To prove to the world that we were as good, if not better than the only other space-fairing nation, the Soviet Union.  With missions that lasted much less time than it even took to get into the flight suit, and a capsule compartment smaller than the driver seat of a VW Beatle, this craft and its mission inspired a nation and a leader to strive for the moon.

This 1:130 sport scale model of the Mercury Redstone offers enough detail to satisfy any scale enthusiast while remaining easy enough to build for anyone with basic model rocket building experience.
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Featuring laser cut fins and fin details, a highly detailed balsa nose cone and water slide decals, she is a beauty when finished and looks great on display and in the air!  Streamer recovery brings her back safely but with little chance of drifting away.  The provided paper-wrap Launch Escape Tower provides just enough detail to look sharp without forcing you to assemble a complex tower under a magnifying glass!

However, the level of scale detail provided with this kit can be enhanced with a set of detailed instructions (COMING SOON) so that you can construct a highly detailed discrete tower from individual parts, should you choose to.  This will be of very great value to any scale modelers out there wishing to enter this model into scale competition.

Check out the short photo album below for additional details on the look and construction of the Mercury Redstone by FlisKits.  Perfect for the scale buff, this is also a great model for those just beginning to look into scale modeling.  13mm motors give it flights low enough for smaller fields, yet high enough to satisfy most any rocketeer.

Show up at your next launch with a scale model that will attract attention, both on the ground and in the air!  Other scale models by FlisKits include:

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dsc02781.jpg (34569 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Completed proto type sporting a complex launch escape tower made from thin strips of plastic rod.  NOTE: The kit makes use of a paper tower wrap instead of a detailed tower such as this.  Details on how to build such a tower will be made available at a later date.
dsc02856.jpg (61304 bytes) View showing the Stabilizing Fin Unit in place.  NOTE: This proto type sports the paper wrap version of the launch escape tower.  Also note that it is possible to fly this bird on the scale fins (omitting the stabilizing fin unit) if the nose cone is hollowed out and weight is added.  It would be up to the modeler to determine what would be needed for this modification.
dsc02783.jpg (55016 bytes) Close up of the nose cone, showing the decal detail on the capsule
dsc02784.jpg (69902 bytes) Other side of the cone showing the "Freedom 7" marking.
dsc02869.jpg (126160 bytes) Here we see the front and back of the kit packaging.
dsc02870.jpg (67484 bytes) As the commemorative kit of the 2012 national convention (NARCON), the first 30 production kits sport this exciting identification sticker inside the packaging.
dsc02871.jpg (73269 bytes) A close up of the back of the package shows the detailed nose cone supplied with this kit. 
dsc02874.jpg (84808 bytes) Close up of the laser cut parts shows (L-R) the Air Rudders with Stabilizer fins (1/32" basswood), the Main Fins (1/16" basswood) and the Fin Tips with tower details (card stock)
figure13.gif (47539 bytes) One of the figures from the instructions, showing the level of detail even this small scale model can employ.  These are the wrap details put onto the tip of the launch escape tower.  This part is less than 4/10" of an inch long and only 1/8" diameter! 
figure16.gif (49392 bytes) Another figure from the instructions showing the final assembly of the launch escape tower.
dsc02759.jpg (56805 bytes) For those interested in creating a true scale beauty, FlisKits will soon offer a set of instructions and possibly even a parts-pack to assemble a detailed tower.  This (and the next 2 photos) is a photo of part of that assembly. 
dsc02767.jpg (73723 bytes) The tower base ring showing the inverted "V" standoffs for the tower. 
dsc02772.jpg (51834 bytes) The finished tower assembly which even has scale rocket nozzles at the top! 

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