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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Model Rocket!
  Sport model
Skill Level 2.5 - Intermediate Plus
Sport model
Model Number: SP018
MAKO model rocket
Length: 23.5" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 2.217
Fin Span: 8.217"
Weight: 2.45 oz.
Parachute Recovery  Water Slide Decals
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Recommended Engines:
 C11-5 D12-5 E9-6     

Retail: $ 26.95

The MAKO model rocket kit is a Faux-Scale of an Air-to-Air missile that features water slide decals and 24mm power.

Sporting a unique look, the MAKO offers some new building techniques (those fin scoops (ram scoops?) don't construct themselves...) and challenges but is not that complex a build.  The result is a very sharp looking model that wouldn't cause a second glance hanging beneath the wing of a fighter jet.

24mm power gives you a wide range of motor choices from C to E power so that this model is perfect for small fields and can make the most out of larger fields too.

During construction you will have to form and attach the two-part fin scoops (4 of them) as well

as cutting out your own fins (simple trapezoids) and forming a paper shroud.

The beauty of Faux-Scale is that you are free to embellish this model to any extent you desire!  Let your imagination run wild with color scheme, decal placement and surface details (doo-dads and such).  It isn't "scale", so you can't be "wrong".  How cool is that!?

Let the MAKO reign supreme in your fleet today!

Below is a small photo album showing some pictures of the proto type build and flights. 

P1010128.jpg (85085 bytes) Perspective view showing the overall model.  NOTE: This proto type shows earlier marking designs.  The actual kit has updated markings and coloring.
P1010127.jpg (74691 bytes) Tail end showing detail of the scoops that are attached to the lower body tube.  The fins are glue THROUGH the scoops and attached to the body tube directly. 
figure12.gif (34710 bytes) One of the instruction figures showing the assembly of the scoops. 
figure13.gif (81403 bytes) This figure shows the attachment of the scoop bases to the body tube (along lines made in an earlier step) 
figure14.gif (86471 bytes) Scoop caps being attached to the bases to complete the scoops. 
DSC00166.JPG (48408 bytes) LIFTOFF!  Demo at a recent CMASS launch has the MAKO showing her colors. 
DSC00168.JPG (49873 bytes) Perfect flight and recovery on a C11 motor. 

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