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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Lil' Guy
Model Rocket!
  Sport model
Skill Level 5 - Master
Sport model
Model Number: SP022
Lil' Guy model rocket
Length: 11.86" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.325
Fin Span: 3.2"
Weight: 1.2 oz.
Streamer Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 1/2A6-2 motor A8-3 B4-4  B6-4 C6-5

Retail: $ 13.95

Commemorative kit of the 5th annual North East Regional Rocket Festival (NERRF-5), the Lil' Guy gets its name because it IS just that, a "little guy".  Besides, there was no way we'd get away with calling this the "NERRF Rocket", regardless of where we claim the origins of the name came from...

Featuring a stunted look as a part of her charm, and streamer recovery for small field use, the Lil' Guy is a great little rocket and a great transition rocket after you've built a few Skill Level 1 kits and are thinking of moving on to more complex Skill Level 2 kits.

The Lil' Guy requires you to cut your own fins, sand them to shape and attach them without any fin guide as an aid.  It sounds tough, but it really isn't.  However, it is a necessary skill for many of the more complex kits.  The Lil' Guy allows you to explore these challenges in a much simpler kit.

Furthermore, the kit includes TWO fin patterns for you to choose from.  The first (classic) has soft curves, as can be seen in the image at left.  An alternate, much simpler fin pattern is provided if this is going to be your first attempt at cutting fins.  The simple parallelogram offers a simple 4 sided shape with all straight edges that can easily be cut with the aid of a straight edge, like a ruler.

Check it out and prepare yourself for a wonderful kit that is easy to build, fun to fly and help celebrate an exciting rocketry event based in the north east!  That's a whole lotta fun packed into one small rocket, but the Lil' Guy can handle it.  Can you??

(Photo's to follow at a later date)

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