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Model Rocket!
  Scale model
Skill Level 2.5 - Intermediate Plus
Scale model
Model Number: SC004
L-13 model rocket

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Length: 35.5" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.637"
Fin Span: 3.21"
Weight: 2.9 oz.
Parachute Recovery  
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Recommended Engines:
 B4-2 motor B6-2 motor C6-3 motor  

Retail: $ 24.95

Scientist, inventor, visionary.  The 3 words that best describe Robert Hutchings Goddard.

From 1936 - 1939 Goddard began work on the K and L series of rockets.  These rockets were much larger than his previous attempts and they were plagued with failures.  The main problem was overheating and burn through of the engine.  Several attempts were made to solve this problem, including running the liquid oxygen around the outside of the combustion chamber, but this was ruled as too complex.

In the end, he downsized his efforts and worked on lightening the rocket to help attain higher altitudes.

The L-13 rocket was the king of this effort reaching an altitude of 2700 meters on March 26th, 1937 with a burn time of 22.3 seconds.

This 1:5.5 sport scale model of Goddard's L-13 rocket is a fairly easy build and will provide you with a very nice looking reproduction of this most famous rocket.  Turning in outstanding flights on all motors, the L-13 is a must for scale enthusiast as well as history buffs and those who just want a very cool rocket to show off at their next launch!

The L-13 is one of two commemorative kits for the 2010 national convention, NARCON.  This event is being held at Clark University in Worcester, MA where Goddard taught and began his serious rocketry work.

FlisKits is proud to be able to offer this small series of model rocket kits commemorating one of the most important visionaries this country has ever had.

This photo album contains some pictures of the proto type work that lead to this kit as well as several photo's of the boilerplate model built by Tony Vincent to be donated to Mott Linn, curator of the Clark University Goddard Exhibit.  Click on a thumbnail image to bring up a full size picture in this frame.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

DSC05847.JPG (74049 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Original proto type, tail end showing the tail shroud, fins and launch rails.  If you look closely, you can see the launch lugs hidden there inside the rail assembly.
DSC05848.JPG (105275 bytes) Close up of the nose cone and forward rail assemblies.  One of the neat things about this kit is the added detail provided in the nose cone turning.
DSC05851.JPG (73194 bytes) Close up of one of the lower rails showing the hidden launch lugs.  The original proto type had 2 lugs but the kit only has one as that is all that was needed.
DSC05100.JPG (59661 bytes) L-13 on the pad during the November launch at CMASS.
DSC05101.JPG (37981 bytes) Great flight on a C6-3 motor, the L-13 produces wonderful flights and looks very nice in the air.  The simple design makes for reliable launches and recovery and is a breeze to prep for flight.
DSC05102.JPG (69863 bytes) Nice recovery on a trademark FlisKits diamond 16" parachute!
The following photo's were taken by Tony Vincent.  Tony built this version of the L-13 for the express purpose of having it for display at the Goddard exhibit at Clark University.  Notable differences between this build and a stock build is that the motor tube was made to scale, meaning that it is 13mm instead of 18mm.  Additionally, Tony added the vane detail on the fins and in the motor area.  The display stand was built by Bill Spadafora.  We will be presenting this to Mott Linn, curator of the Goddard Exhibit, during the NARCON festivities.  Special thanks to Tony for this incredible assembly and paint job!
L13 10.jpg (31308 bytes) L-13 on her display stand.  This model stands nearly 3 feet tall so you can get an idea of the scale here. 
L13 11.jpg (97488 bytes) Close up of the tail assembly showing the fine work that Tony did on the vanes.
L13 12.jpg (83902 bytes) Just such a cool angle showing the vanes and lower rail assembly.
L13 13.jpg (66859 bytes) Another angle, showing some of the painting detail. 
L13 14.jpg (83732 bytes) A better view of the vane complexity.
L13 15.jpg (68993 bytes) Close up of the nose cone with highlights on the painting detail.
L13 3.jpg (32966 bytes) An overall view showing the simple, while at the same time complex painting pattern for this rocket.

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