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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Free Download Skins!
Skill Level 2 Multi-Staged model Multi-Staged model

Commemorative kit of

Model Number: MS003
frick-n-frack.jpg (27854 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Dress up your Frick-n-Frack for her next launch!

These free skin downloads were custom created just for the Frick-n-Frack kit.  Easy to use and great to see in the air or on display!

See the library of skin downloads below.  We recommend that you print these out on full sheet label paper (AVERY 8165 or equiv) for best results.   Carefully cut them out along the pattern and apply to your Frick-n-Frack. These skins are specifically designed to perfectly fit the stabilizing plates on your Frick-n-Frack.   If they don't fit check the scaling square provided on each sheet to verify that you are printing it to the correct scale.

Best if applied to a sealed finished plate with a glossy finish.  After applying, run a thin film of glue along the edge of each plate to secure the edges of the skin.  HAVE FUN!

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Frick-n-Frack Skins library
Print 2 of each sheet (you will have one pair of spare skins)
Click on the thumbnail to open the pdf file in another window.  You can print from that window or save the file to your disk for later use.  NOTE: Be sure to disable "Scale to fit" when printing to assure the proper print scaling.

fnf-dls-thumb00.jpg (12384 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Blank patterns. Use this link to save a blank version of the skins onto your disk.  You can then import this into your favorite graphic program and create your own set of exciting skins for your Frick-n-Frack model!

256KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb01.jpg (21224 bytes)   Kit Cover Art pattern. Use this link to download the skins to make your Frick-n-Frack look just like the one on the cover of the kit card!

846KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb02.jpg (22600 bytes)   Red/Black pattern. Use this link to download the skins for a cool red and black alternating pattern.

257KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb03.jpg (37553 bytes)   Kit Name pattern. Use this link to download the skins for the kit name on the plates!  Put Frick on the booster and Frack on the sustainer.  Or the other way around!  It really doesn't matter!

266KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb04.jpg (26363 bytes)   USAF pattern. Use this link to download the skins for the classic United States Air Force markings.  

323KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb05.jpg (22712 bytes)   Diamond Plate pattern. Use this link to download the skins for the heavy duty diamond plate version of the Frick-n-Frack!  She'll look like she weighs a ton sitting on the pad waiting for liftoff!

3108KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb06.jpg (29195 bytes)   For The Love Of Rocketry pattern. Use this link to download the funny "burnt guy" skins, alternating with the FlisKits logo.  The slogan reads "For the love of rocketry!   Why me??"

751KB pdf file

fnf-dls-thumb07.jpg (25548 bytes)   Traditional FlisKits pattern. Use this link to download the skins with the trademark FlisKits look with our logo and the black and red slash.

305KB pdf file

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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