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Deuce's Wild!
Model Rocket!
Skill Level 3 - Experienced 2 engine cluster model Cluster model
Model Number: CL002
Deuce's Wild! model rocket

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Length: 21.2"
Diameter: 1.637"
Fin Span: 9.64"
Weight: 1.97 oz.
motor mount rings!
Parachute Recovery 2 engine cluster
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Recommended Engines:
 A8-3 motor (First Flight) (2 required) B6-4 motor (2 required) C6-5 motor (2 required)
(2 matching motors required)
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Retail: $ 19.95

Augment your model with a Baffle Kit!
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BAF-60 : $5.45

Photo Album!

New packaging for the Deuce's Wild! to commemorate the Tour de' Deuce and its founders!   Details can be found here.

Deuce's ARE wild, with this unique model rocket kit!

The Deuce's Wild! sports the most unique cluster arrangement ever found in model rocketry!  Each of two motors are canted at a 15 degree angle, producing awesome smoke trails as it rips into the sky on dual motor cluster!

Special attention to detail is needed to construct and launch this model properly.  Simultaneous engine ignition is critical for stable flights, but once launched, the crowd will hush as they watch something like they've never seen before!

Safely returned on a colorful 16" parachute, this model will bring you hours of fun and make a fin addition to your growing fleet of model rockets!

The Deuce's Wild! is also the proud vehicle of the Tour de' Deuce, now touring the United States of America!  Begun in November of 2003 in Florida, the Tour de' Deuce is slated to conclude in early 2006 in New Hampshire.   Click here to find out more exciting information about this event.

face.gif (2810 bytes) Mr. Jim Flis and his partner, Brian McCarthy, have produced an excellent product that will be adored by rocketeers forever. The dual smoke trails are awesome, and I am currently working on a 24mm upscale, will provide pics of that and a review soon. - Jason T. (See Jason's 24mm scratch built review at EMRR by clicking ont he button to the left!)

Below are some photographs of the Deuce's Wild! in flight.   The next time your local rocket group is dealing out the launch cards, tell 'em that "Deuce's are WILD!"

face.gif (2810 bytes) the FlisKits Deuces Wild! is an easy building, great flying model that screams nostalgia, thanks to good old fashioned high quality components, yet it boasts high
tech with a canted cluster design. The manufacturers have got it right on this one and I highly recommend this kit to anyone that wants a great rocket that is even a better flier. Carl T. (see Carl's 38mm scratch built review at EMRR by clicking on the button to the left!)
Tour de' Deuce
I bought 4 when the balsa was still warm.  this is one cool, kool, kewl kit. RANDY face.gif (2810 bytes)
Deuce's Wild! on a dual tail of fire and smoke!
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Deuce's Wild! takes off again!


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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