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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Model Rocket!
  Futuristic model
Skill Level 4 - Expert
Futuristic model
Model Number: FR011
Decim8 model rocket

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Length: 38.1" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 0.976"
Fin Span: 10.4"
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Parachute Recovery Waterslide Decals
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Recommended Engines:
 B4-2 motor B6-2 motor C6-3 motor  

Retail: $ 42.95

Augment your model with a Baffle Kit!
Click below for details.
BAF-50 : $4.75

The most sinister battle ship ever to hit the skies!  The Decim8 features 11 fins, 6 cut body tubes, 6 guns, water slide decals and the most sophisticated engine mount ever used in a model rocket kit!

This is not a simple kit, by any means.  However if you follow the instructions and take your time, this kit is not beyond most any modeler.  And the incredible look of this model will have rocketeers anxious to see it fly.  See below for photo's of the various proto type versions that lead to this final magnificent ship.

Emerging from the depths of the Horse Head nebula, a product of the minds of the race of beings called the Tarnk-naks, this battle ship was first used against the United Solar Planetary Federation 

when the Deven-3 military outpost was decimated in one quick attack by several of these ships.

The attack brought panic to the USPF but that was quickly quelled with the beginnings of peaceful relations with these xenophobic beings.  First introduced with the Alien8 ship that was discovered adrift 2 years earlier, our relationship with the Tarnk-nak Union has been tenuous at best.  

The USPF attempts to infiltrate their space and try to discover more about them nearly led to intergalactic war.  Only the foresight of one Tarnk-nak commander along with the bravery and intuition of Commodore Kits saved the day for both governments.  

Build this exciting replica of the ship that dared to confront the might of the USPF and win the day and secure the future of both races.  This model rocket kit will fire your imagination and keep you thinking of what could be!

Enjoy the short photo album below.  Click on a thumbnail image to bring up a full size picture in this frame.  Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.

dsc04634.jpg (39678 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Pod sub-assembly.  This shows how two tubes are cut and then interlocked to form a dummy engine pod.  These are assembled just like micro HERC-5 models would go together.  This assembly is about 4" long made from BT-50 tubes.
dsc04648.jpg (48972 bytes) Outboard fin assemblies with gun booms.  These are attached to the pods. 
dsc05178.jpg (63042 bytes) This is the unique engine mount that helps give this model its most unique look.  This engine mount may be made available for purchase at a later date. 
dsc05184.jpg (65624 bytes) A close up of the two pods attached to the main fins.  The outboard, or secondary fins, are then attached to the outboard sides of the pods. 
dsc03987.jpg (42513 bytes) This is a photo of the original proto type.  The main fins were narrower and the overall design simpler.  The problem with this design is there was too much flex in the main wing during boost causing some deflection in flight with C motors. 
jim_prototype.jpg (77259 bytes) Here is Jim with this original proto prepared for launch.  This gives you a good idea of the overall size of the model. 
dsc04091.jpg (103888 bytes) The original proto type on the pad and ready for launch. 
dsc04658.jpg (101255 bytes) The second proto type displays a beefed up main fin (thicker stock and a longer cord) as well as a more elaborate set of outboard fins. 
dsc04833.jpg (31131 bytes) Proto #2 on the pad and ready for launch! 
dsc04834.jpg (36338 bytes) Another angle, showing the underside. 
dsc04842.jpg (32831 bytes) WE HAVE LIFTOFF!  Caught this from the side (cool view) with the CMASS flag in the background. 
dsc04858.jpg (39883 bytes) Liftoff on a C motor. 
dsc05109.jpg (35541 bytes) Ready for another flight 
dsc05110.jpg (28828 bytes) Testing the B4-2 motor.  Great flight but a problem was developing.  You will notice in the pictures that the wing pods are well forward of the detailed engine mount.  This meant that this engine mount was taking the full brunt of the landing impact.  After 3-4 flights we started to see some damage to this area in the form of bent fins (coolant fins, those fins around the ping pong ball and ending in the tube ring)
dsc05224.jpg (65867 bytes) The solution was proto type #3 where we've moved the side pods back so that they are about 1/4" BELOW the end ring of the engine mount.  In this way these pods (and the main fins) take the impact of landing, saving this cool engine mount from damage. 
dsc05226.jpg (65007 bytes) Another view of this incredible craft. 
press conference JS1.jpg (147580 bytes) Commodore Kits holds a press conference at Jupiter Station to explain the USPF's role in recent events with the Decim8 ship
devan3-01sm.jpg (49678 bytes) The Decim8 heads back towards the Horse Head nebula after attacking the Devan-3 outpost (on the planetoid in the lower left) 
decim8sm.gif (131710 bytes) two views of the Decim8 Proto type #2. 
decim8-01sm.gif (104167 bytes) The final proto type of the Decim8 

white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)


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