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Decaffeinator Model Rocket! Skill Level 2 Sport model Sport model
Model Number: SP011
A model rocket kit FIRST from FlisKits!
Decaffeinator model rocket
Length: 69.0" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 3.75"
Fin Span: 11.0"
Weight: 6.10 oz.
Parachute Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
 C11-3 D12-3 
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Retail: $ 18.95

Want to add to your Decaffeinator?
SkyRaider foam glider accessory!
Only $6.95
Replacement and add-on Foam Cups
Only $1.95

The Java-Head Rocket!
(see below for
fun downloads!)

SEE BELOW for an exciting new accessory!

The Decaffeinator is a first in the world of model rocketry. Not that this is the first foam cup rocket ever made. But it IS the first foam cup rocket KIT ever made!

Foam cup rockets seem to be a product of the minds of rocketeers in the North East USA but their actual origins are not known. First seen by Jim Flis at a Pearl River MODroc conference, Jim has explored these beasts for many years trying new and different designs every time. They are fun to build and always get attention at the launch field.

The only down side to them is that they are so darned fragile. Not to worry, however, as replacement material (foam cups) are readily available at many coffee shops, fast food restaurants and grocery stores around the world.

decaf_gl02sm.jpg (13321 bytes) Holy foam fanatics, Rocketman!

That's right.  A foam glider to accent your foam cup rocket.  What a concept!  Click on the glider picture for more details on one of the most outrageous, fantastic and original ideas to hit foam cup rocketry since its inception!

Explore this new building material through this kit then explore the fun and excitement you can have by adding to or modifying this design to your own choosing. Great for demonstrations, youth groups and even the class room!

Free downloads for your Decaffeinator!   Click the links below for pdf files containing fun stickers to decorate your Decaffeinator kit with!  Simply download and print on lable paper, cut them out and stick'em to your rocket!  Nothing could be easier!  (NOTE: The "shroud" patterns are designed to fit over the smooth center part of the cups provided in this kit)

  • Apollo Shroud #1 (to give your model markings reminicient of the Apollo Saturn V)
  • Fin Details (stars and edgings to help highlight your fins)
  • FlisKits logo #1 (Show the world your support with a FlisKits logo on your rocket!   This version sits upright on an upright cup)
  • Java Head (Proclaim you're a Java Head with this fun sticker!
  • Java Head Photo Frame (More of a Java Head than most?  Show them all with this photo frame and add your photo to your rocket!)
  • Smilies (A large collection of different smile emoticons to set the mood of your rocket!)
decaffeinator.jpg (77081 bytes)
Teachers and parents enjoy the Decaffeinator during the
Make-It-Take-It session at NARCON 2005 in Kenoshia, WI.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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