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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress!
Model Rocket!
Skill Level 1 - Beginner Sport model Sport model
Model Number: NSL04
Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress model rocket

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"Free" Paper Rockets

Length: 12.6" white_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
Diameter: 1.26"
Fin Span: 3.88"
Weight: 0.35 oz.
Streamer Recovery
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Recommended Engines:
: A6-4 A8-3 B6-4 (first flights)  C6-5

Retail: $ FR.EE

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The Caution! Rocket Launch In Progress kit is unique in many ways!
  • It's FREE
  • It's triagular
  • It's got the longest name of any model rocket in production.
  • Ever.

And is now unique in yet ANOTHER way!   Introducing the National Sport Launch Free Commemorative Kit! Even if you can't attend NSL-2004, you can partake of the fun and build your very own NSL model rocket kit.  And best of all?  IT'S FREE!

To find out more about this exciting free model rocket, you can check out the main page for this kit here.  Originally called the "CAUTION! Rocket Launch In Progress", or CRLIP (pronounced CLIP - The "R" is silent...), this exciting kit can be yours just for the downloading!
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The National Sport Launch (NSL) is an exciting annual event hosted by different clubs around the country every year.   It is an exciting 3 day sport launch where you can join in the fun with like minded rocketeers, see some incredible models take to the air and meet up with some of your favorite vendors too. 

This year, in a first ever for NSL, 3 different vendors, Art Applewhite Rockets, Squirrel Works, and FlisKits were chosen to present their own unique brand of fun to this event with their own official Commemorative Kits.  Art Applewhite has his Qubit, Stealth and Scimitar unique shape saucer rockets, Squirrel Works has the Spirit of Texas and FlisKits has the Stingray with special NSL-04 body wraps!

To help round things out, FlisKits offers their CAUTION: Rocket Launch In Progress kit with custom decorations to bring it in line with the NSL event in Texas.  So, even if you can't find the time to come on down, you have NO excuse not to participate in the fun with 3 great vendors bringing you many, many choices.  Heck, get'em ALL!

In addtion to the downloaded pattern and instructions, you will need the following components to stabalize and launch/recover your NSL-2004 Caution Rocket model rocket kit:

  • 12" - 18" Shock Cord material
  • 18" Crepe Paper Streamer
  • 12" Cotton Button Thread
  • Masking Tape or small tape disk
  • Clay Weight

Download your FlisKits NSL-2004  Rocket   today!
(all files are in pdf form)

  • Sheets 1-3 (1,200KB)   NOTE: Print page 1 & 2 on gloss or semi-gloss heavy card-stock and page 3 on plain heavy card stock (110 pound recommended)

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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