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FlisKits is beginning to offer more and more accessories, both to accent existing products as well as stand-alone accessories.  It became clear that an "Accessories Area" was needed to group all of these items together, hence the "FlisCessories" page.  This fun section will show all of the accessories available from FlisKits in the very near future.

I Am A Space Shuttle.  I LOVE TO FLY!
By: Becky Cross

Hardbound (w/ dust jacket) exploration of the tasks that go into refurbishing a space shuttle between missions.  Written for the young reader, this book is full of amazing images about the most complicated space craft ever to take to the skies!

A very simple tool that will save you tons of time when assembling engine mounts where the motor tube is longer than the motor being used.  FOUR tools in one!  This set gives you tools for installing engine blocks and hooks for 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, & 24mm long model rocket motors!


Cut-Away Model Rocket Motor
A Skill Level 2 (Intermediate) model kit of a cut away model rocket motor, modeled 3 times normal size for easy viewing and sturdy construction to allow it to be passed around the classroom.


Guillow Foam SkyRaider glider for the Decaffeinator kit!
The well known Gullow SkyRaider foam glider kitted with extra parts and instructions to modify this exciting glider for use with our Decaffeinator foam cup rocket kit!  A huge 24" wing span foam glider attached to a gigantic 6 foot foam cup rocket!  It don't get better than this!  Check out the Decaffeinator and the page for this glider to see what we mean!


Guillow Foam Space Shuttle glider!
Perfect for just goofing around the yard!  Also a great addition to suitable model rockets as a parasite boost glider!

Comes as packaged from the Guillow factory with a catapult launcher, realistic shuttle decals, and forward launching hook on the glider.  Some assembly required.  To make this glider work on a model rocket you need to modify the glider and come up with a method of attaching it to a suitable rocket.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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