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Parts, parts and MORE parts!

Several new parts have been added to the following sections, as of 25-March-2005:

Nose Cones -
NCB-55DW Mini Deuce's Wild! cone for the BT-55!
NCB-70DW Maxi Deuce's Wild! cone for the BT-70!

Adapters -

Engine Mounts -
Mini Deuce's Wild! EMK - EMK2-13-55C
Maxi Deuce's Wild! EMK - EMK2-24-70C

Here at FlisKits, we are working hard to provide the kinds of services and products that today's model rocketeer needs.  Not just quality, but variety, precision, price and availability.  If our customer response is any indication, it is clear that FlisKits, Inc. has hit the "nail on the head" with our kit selection, our customer service and our quality, not to mention price.

We are continuing this fine tradition with the introduction of Model Rocket Components!  Our slogan says "FlisKits are the best kits!". We should point out that "FlisKits' Parts are the best parts!"  We are beginning with a well stocked line of parts, but you will notice many parts listed as "coming soon" or "future".  These parts are not currently available, but we wanted our customers to know where we are headed.   The items labeled "Coming Soon", really ARE coming soon.  You can expect to see these items start to appear in the next week or so and stretching out over several weeks.  "Future" items will be upgraded to "Coming Soon" as soon as details around the item have been worked out and the parts have actually been ordered.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be adding several detailed photographs of many of these items, as warranted, and time allots.

Use the navigation buttons on the left to select the parts category that you wish to review.  If the part that you are looking for is not currently in our selection, please send us a note at sales@fliskits.com.   We will make every effort to fill your needs, and those of all of our customers, both current and yet to be!


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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