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  Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
The ultimate classroom tool
Model #: ED001

Teachers and youth group leaders alike will agree that this is one indispensable tool for explaining just what goes on inside a model rocket motor!

Explain the function of the nozzle, how an igniter gets installed, what the propellant does and how it starts the delay charge, and MORE!

8 1/2" long and over 2" in diameter, this Cut-Away 

motor is a perfect classroom display piece.  Its sturdy construction also makes it suitable to pass around the classroom or group so that everyone can get a good look at the internal workings of a model rocket motor.

The design of this kit also allows you to remove the upper section containing the Delay and Ejection charges and the "clay cap".  This effectively makes the model a "Booster Motor", allowing you to explain the function of these specialized motors too!

See below for several photo's and illustrations of this unique model.  Makes a great conversation piece as well as a wonderful and easy to use tool for introducing and explaining model rocketry.  Also, below you will find a wealth of available downloads to augment your model of a Cut-Away Model Rocket Motor.  These additional tools can help make your next model rocketry class the best ever offered!

Featuring precision laser cut parts and clearly illustrated instructions, this model is rated as a Skill Level 2, Intermediate and should not be beyond any adult or rocketeer with minimal experience.

Retail Price: $8.95
Model #: ED001

Free Down Loads can be found here

Photo Section:

This next section has a selection of photo's and graphics to help you better understand the features, quality and uses of this wonderful educational tool.  Take a moment to review these images as you consider this tool for your classroom or group.  Click on a thumbnail for a full size image in this frame.  Hit your browser BACK button to return to this page.

DSC00983sm.jpg (65286 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) A photo of part of the internal assembly.  This is one of the many photo's of the assembly that was used to create the figures used in the instructions.  This image shows the 3 ribs, spine and casing end caps glued in place. 
figure04.gif (33816 bytes) This is the figure that was drawn from the above photo showing the casing caps being glued into place.  This is representative of the quality of the figures and instructions provided with this, and all FlisKits kits. 
DSC01005sm.jpg (55940 bytes) This photo shows the main propellant assembly being glued into the casing assembly. 
figure12-B.gif (48492 bytes) Here is the figure that resulted from that photograph. 
DSC01375sm.jpg (51659 bytes) Near the end of the assembly, here is a photo of the nozzle shrouds being trimmed before final assembly and painting. 
figure21.gif (71069 bytes) The instruction figure showing this same step. 
std-motor.jpg (23348 bytes) These next images are photographs of the actual proto type model.  This gives you an idea of the quality of the assembly and available downloadable wraps. 
booster_motor.jpg (22526 bytes) This photo shows the same model from above, but with the Delay Charge assembly removed, effectively making this a "Booster Motor" when explaining how mult-stage models work. 
booster.jpg (32724 bytes) This photo shows how you could build TWO of these models to better explain the function of multi-staging.  Downloadable posters for multi-stage operation will be available in the near future. 
casing.jpg (24330 bytes) This photo shows the outside of the casing with the provided wraps applied giving this the appearance of a real model rocket motor. 
in_hand.jpg (78683 bytes) For scale purposes, here is a photo of the model being held so that you can see just how big and easy to read this model really is. 


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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