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  Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
Available Down Loads:

This section offers various tools and visual aids for the educator as well as the builder in helping to bring model rocketry alive in the classroom.  The larger downloads (11" X 17" posters) come with permission to have your local print shop print one up for you (see condition with poster) so that you can show off your very best in your next class.  NOTE: The links below will open in a new window.

  • Labels and wrap for your model build: These full color PDF files can be downloaded and printed onto label paper, cut out and used to dress up your model as shown in the pictures below.  Clearly labeled internal motor components and a realistic exterior wrap gives you the most professional look with a minimum of painting required.
  • Model Rocket Igniter:
    • Model of an Igniter: (569 KB) Plans for building an effective model of an igniter to go with the cut-away motor model.  Simple to build using common materials.
    • Common Igniter Problems: This poster shows some common problems you can encounter when trying to use igniters and possible remidies.
    • Igniter installation: This poster gives some details on installing the igniter into the model rocket motor.  NOTE: Read the manufacturers instructions before installing any igniter.
  • Model Rocket in Flight poster: This poster shows a picture of the cut-away model rocket motor along side a progressive image of a model rocket in flight, showing how each part of the motor contributes to a part of the models flight, from launch to landing.  A must have to help understand AND explain the workings of these motors.
  • Parts of a Model Rocket poster: This letter size small poster shows a cut-away view of a typical model rocket showing all of the parts of a model rocket, both internal and external.  The perfect tool to help explain the purpose and importance of all those oddly named parts used in model rocketry.
  • TEST poster: (834 KB) Same as the "Model Rocket in Flight" and "Parts of a Model Rocket" posters, but with all of the labels removed.  Perfect for a classroom or group test to see if everyone is getting the information they need!

NOTE: Since the LARGE sized posters normally can not be printed by many users, it includes an authorization have your print shop print up ONE poster for your use in the classroom.  NOTE: If you need more than one poster  you need to contact FlisKits directly.

Visit our Educational Section for more information to help you with your group or class!


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