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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Announcements for September 2018


Join FlisKits as we celebrate our|
Sixteenth, and FINAL Anniversary
throughout the entire month of September 2018!


This years FlisKits anniversary celebration is dedicated to
all of you who have supported us through the years!

For sixteen years FlisKits has worked hard to bring you unmatched creativity, fun and excitement in your rocketry activities.  We are proud of this and, as has become tradition around here, we're going to celebrate it!  But we can not celebrate without your help and involvement!

Additionally, as most of you know, this will also be our LAST anniversary celebration as FlisKits will be shutting down in the next month or so.  It has been an incredible 16 years of expressing my love of this hobby and a feeling of pride to know I've made at least a small contribution to this fun and exciting activity. 

I humbly ask for your help in making this a most memorable send off!

For the entire month of September, FlisKits invites you save money and earn chances at winning some wonderful prizes, while celebrating our final weeks of operation!  To get us started, here is the list of events and activities that will make the month of September special for us and, we hope, for you as well:

  • Free domestic shipping on all orders over $20 (See note 1 below)
  • Drawing for a free kit every Friday!
    • Just send your good wishes to fliskits.annivesary email!
      • Drawing Sept 7th: Whatchamacallit
      • Drawing Sept 14th: dooDad
      • Drawing Sept 21st: Thing-a-ma-Jig
      • Drawing Sept 28th: Rhino
  • FlisKits photo event:
    • I am hoping to obtain a bunch of pictures from our customers from over the years to keep in an album to share with rocketeers around the world.  I am looking for these general categories (and more, if you can think of any!)
      • STATIC: A static photo of a FlisKits model, finished or unfinished, as you choose.  You can include any info about the model, your build experience with it, anything!
      • ACTION: A launch, landing or cato pic of your FlisKits model, showing them in action!
      • POSED: Any posed shot of you, or someone you know, with a FlisKits model.
      • PERSONAL: Any shots you may have of you, or someone you know with either Jim Flis or Brian McCarthy (or Kathy Flis too! :) )
  • Personal Stories:
    • I am also most interested in any personal stories you have with regards to FlisKits, it's products, it's people, anything.  Let us know if an how we've helped you in rocketry!  Any personal stories of successes and failures, or if we met at a launch, etc.
  • Anniversary Launch: September 15th, Amesbury, MA from 10:00 - 4:00.  Prizes, contests, raffles, lots of friends, lots of fun.
    • And, CAKE!
    • Our annual anniversary launch has become the stuff of legends!  You really have to find a way to make it out.  Our customers and fellow CMASS members go out of their way to help make this a celebration to remember, year after wonderful year.  If ever you were to travel to attend a sport launch, THIS is the launch to attend!

      FlisKits will be announcing a new kit, will have prizes and awards.  Fly your FlisKits models and maybe win a prize for the most flown! 

      Celebrating the people who helped make FlisKits what it is today!

      Enjoy our Anniversary cake, a tradition that the folks at CMASS await each and every year.  Come on down and find out why!

      Bottom line is, come on out for the fun, the excitement and the enjoyment of flying rockets (up to K impulse) with some of the best rocketeers on the planet!

NOTE 1: All orders over $20 will be processed without any shipping charges.  Domestic customers only.  NEW: For International customers, there will be a flat $6 discount on 1st Class International shipping (contact FlisKits for a shipping quote on your order) on all orders which must be sent via PayPal to sales@fliskits.com  Shipping must be paid before the order can be shipped out.

All orders will be shipped via USPS 1st Class, Priority or Parcel Post (whichever is lower cost) and international orders will be shipped via 1st Class International.  This offer is NOT extended to include retailers or distributors.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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