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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Announcements for September 2016

Join FlisKits as we celebrate our|
Fourteenth Anniversary
throughout the entire month of September 2016!

This years FlisKits anniversary celebration
is dedicated to grandchildren and grandparents!
With the recent announcement of the MIRA and Tiberius kits,
FlisKits is just bursting at the seams with grand baby love and excitement!
And we want to share it with the entire rocketry community
as we also celebrate the
13th anniversary of FlisKits, Inc.

For fourteen years FlisKits has worked hard to bring you unmatched creativity, fun and excitement in your rocketry activities.  We are proud on this and, as has become tradition around here, we're going to celebrate it!  But we can not celebrate without your help and involvement!

For the past TWO years, Jim & Kathy Flis have been working hard to contain our excitement at becoming grand parents, not once, but TWICE in the span of 8 weeks!  Our son, Joe and his lovely wife Tina gave birth to Mira and our daughter, Jen and her husband Joe gave birth to Tiberius.  So excited were we that we finally had to create a couple of kits to name after them and use the FlisKits anniversary as an excuse to show them off and talk about'em even more!

Guilty as charged. :)

For the entire month of September, FlisKits invites you save money and earn chances at winning some wonderful prizes, while celebrating grand kids and parents alike!  To get us started, here is the list of events and activities that will make the month of September special for us and, we hope, for you as well:

  • Free domestic shipping on all orders over $20 (See note 1 below)
  • Drawing for a free kit every Friday! (No purchase necessary, see details below)
  • Drawing for a $75 gift certificate at the end of the month! (No purchase necessary, see details below)
  • Photo contest with prizes!:
    • FlisKits Photo Contest:
      • View album here!
      • Random drawing prize: $20 gift certificate PLUS your choice of a MIRA or Tiberius model rocket kit.  See details below.  No purchase necessary.
  • Anniversary Launch: September 17th, Amesbury, MA from 10:00 - 4:00.  Prizes, contests, raffles, new kit announcement, lots of friends, lots of fun.
    • And, CAKE!

NOTE 1: All orders over $20 will be processed without any shipping charges.  Domestic customers only.  NEW: For International customers, there will be a flat $6 discount on 1st Class International shipping (contact FlisKits for a shipping quote on your order) on all orders which must be sent via PayPal to sales@fliskits.com  Shipping must be paid before the order can be shipped out.

All orders will be shipped via USPS 1st Class or Parcel Post (whichever is lower cost) and international orders will be shipped via 1st Class International.  This offer is NOT extended to include retailers or distributors.

FlisKits Free Anniversary Raffle!  

Every year we look for different and fun things to do for our anniversary celebration and tend to lean towards those events that seem to work well.  The idea of a raffle is one of them, so we are continuing this fun and exciting tradition.  Here are the rules:

  • First, you have to earn/get chances to win.  This is very easy:
    • Send a Happy Birthday greeting to FlisKits for one free chance! (limit one per person)
    • Make a purchase and receive one chance for every $10 spent! (Not including shipping)
    • Invite a new customer (Note 1 below)  to make their first purchase at FlisKits and you and the new customer will BOTH get the chances that order earns!
  • Next (this is the easy part), you wait to see if you win!  Here is how the winners will be selected and what the prizes are:
    • Each Friday, at or near midnight, a random ticket (chance) will be selected as the winner for that drawing.
      • PRIZE: Friday winners will win their choice of ANY kit on our web site.
    • At the end of the month (September 30th) at midnight, a final drawing will be randomly selected.
      • PRIZE: $75 gift certificate! 
  • Last (this may be the hard part), you have to select the kit you want and let us know.  Don't forget to read the notes below as they contain some important information.  Good stuff though!

NOTE 1: A "new customer" is one who has never placed an order with FlisKits.  If you have purchase FlisKits products at shows or hobby shops or from other rocketeers, you are still eligible.  Be sure to have a sponsor (existing FlisKits customer) to help them earn chances too!

FlisKits Photo Contest!

Easy stuff!  Send us your pictures of your FlisKits kits or scratch builts made with FlisKits parts!  Win prizes!  Here's how:

  • Send your pictures to happy_birthday@fliskits.com and at the end of the month we will have a drawing.
  • All entries become the property of FlisKits, Inc.
  • All entries (pictures) will be posted on our web site for all to view.
  • FlisKits reserves the right to reject any entries for any reason (specified or unspecified)
  • Subjects considered to be unflattering to FlisKits, Inc, its product set or employees/officers will be rejected without comment.
  • At the end of the month FlisKits will announce a winner via a random drawing!
  • PRIZE: $20 gift certificate PLUS your choice of a MIRA or Tiberius kit!
  • View album here!


  • For the entire month of September, we will be offering free shipping for all domestic orders, that have a total value of over $20.  International customers will enjoy a flat $6 discount on 1st Class International shipping.  Contact FlisKits via email for a shipping quote.  (must be paid via a paypal transfer to sales@fliskits.com) This offer is for web based consumer purchases only (no retailers). 
  • All shipments will be made via the lowest cost method available (typically USPS 1st class or parcel post).  If you wish, you may upgrade your order to USPS Priority (2-day) service for our standard prices as shown on our ORDERS page.

ANNIVERSARY LAUNCH, September 17th, Amesbury, MA!

Our annual anniversary launch has become the stuff of legends!  You really have to find a way to make it out.  Our customers and fellow CMASS members go out of their way to help make this a celebration to remember, year after wonderful year.  If ever you were to travel to attend a sport launch, THIS is the launch to attend!

FlisKits will be announcing a new kit, will have prizes and awards.  Fly your FlisKits models and maybe win a prize for the most flown! 

Celebrating GrandKids as well as GrandParents!  Grandparents, bring your grandkids!  Grandkids, bring your grandparents!  What better way to spend the day with the ones you love than to do it at a rocket launch...   ...WITH CAKE (see below) :)

Enjoy our Anniversary cake, a tradition that the folks at CMASS await each and every year.  Come on down and find out why!

Bottom line is, come on out for the fun, the excitement and the enjoyment of flying rockets (up to K impulse) with some of the best rocketeers on the planet!

Keep close watch of FlisKits in the coming weeks.  Months.  Years.
We are taking this hobby to new heights, new realms.
Latching on to the great things that exist in the hobby today and merging that with the great things that have been lost to this hobby.
Join us and let's re-create model rocketry!


Great things are happening at FlisKits!

You DON'T want to miss it!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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